Spotlight on rinks.

Pleins phares sur les patinoires.

Author(s) : RIVET P.

Type of article: Article


After having a look on hat happened in France on the ice rink field, since the glorious time just after the Olympics games at Grenoble in 1968, the specific constrainsts for ice rinks will be listed. Recents constructions as well as acual projects from France but also from Canada, Sweden, US, will be presented and analyzed for new equipements and retrofitting. They show important changes from usual solutions. In order to minimize running coss, it is very important to take into account all the heating needs and the dehumidification.


  • Original title: Pleins phares sur les patinoires.
  • Record ID : 30023869
  • Languages: French
  • Subject: General information
  • Source: Revue générale du Froid & du Conditionnement d'air - n.1165
  • Publication date: 2017/09


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