The role of refrigeration in worldwide nutrition. 5th IIR Informatory Note on refrigeration and food.

Quinta nota informativa sulla refrigerazione e l'alimentazione.

Author(s) : DUPONT J. L.

Type of article: Periodical article, Review


This article is the Italian translation of the 5th IIR Informatory Note on refrigeration and food (see this Bulletin, reference 2009-2083). The world faces a high level of malnutrition and population growth. Ensuring both adequate food supply and food quality to almost 7 billion inhabitants today and over 9 billion by 2050 is a major global challenge. Most solutions to meet growing food demand are based on the increase of agricultural output, which is vital, but probably insufficient without reaching a level that would irreversibly harm the environment. Therefore, a major focus should be the reduction of postharvest losses, which average about 25% of the food production worldwide. Increased use of refrigeration would make it possible to substantially reduce postharvest losses. Refrigeration already plays a key role in many food supply chains by preserving the initial quality of foodstuffs, thus providing consumers with foodstuffs that are both wholesome and safe. Refrigeration is still insufficiently and unequally used to ensure food safety and security, as illustrated by the lack of suitable refrigeration infrastructure in many countries, above all in the least-developed countries where undernourishment is of the greatest concern and the population is growing the fastest. The aim of this note is to show how more effective cold chains, from production to consumers, can substantially reduce postharvest losses, thus significantly improving food safety and food security.


  • Original title: Quinta nota informativa sulla refrigerazione e l'alimentazione.
  • Record ID : 2009-2084
  • Languages: Italian
  • Subject: Developing country
  • Source: IIF-IIR/Ind. Form. - vol. 33 - n. 329
  • Publication date: 2009/05


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