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The use of CFD to improve the performance of a chilled multideck retail display cabinet.


Maintaining food temperatures below critical values is the key to maximising the high quality display life of chilled foods. Studies were carried out using computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modelling to rapidly identify the changes that would be required to an existing refrigerated multi-deck display cabinet to improve its performance. A Pastorfrigor MV 200TP integral cabinet originally designed to meet the M2 (-1 to 7 °C) classification was modified using CFD as a design tool to enable the cabinet to perform to the M0 (-1 to 4 °C) temperature classification. A number of modifications were carried out to the cabinet evaporator, air-off grille and air ducting within the rear panel of the cabinet that substantially reduced temperatures within the cabinet. The results from the predictions were verified by testing the cabinet to the EN441 test standard. Implementing the changes to the cabinet reduced the average power consumption from 1.37 to 1.29 kW as well as significantly reducing the number of test packs which spent any time above 4 °C, from 12 to 1.

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  • Original title: The use of CFD to improve the performance of a chilled multideck retail display cabinet.
  • Record ID : 2006-0814
  • Languages: English
  • Source: Commercial Refrigeration. Thermophysical Properties and Transfer Processes of Refrigerants. Proceedings of the IIR International Conferences.
  • Publication date: 2005/08/30


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