Thermal acoustic oscillations in cryogenic systems.

Author(s) : GU Y.

Type of monograph: Thesis


Thesis submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate School of the University of Colorado, in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Chemical Engineering. The stability characteristics of thermal acoustic oscillations in helium and hydrogen systems have been studied by solving the perturbed and linearized hydrodynamic equations. These oscillations are predicted to occur in the unstable region and damp in the stable region. They are very important in the design of tubes inserted into cryogenic systems for the measurement of pressure, temperature, liquid level, etc. Extract of contents: introduction; experimental verification system and discussion; stability characteristics for thermal acoustic oscillations; effect of temperature profile on thermal acoustic oscillations; experimental verification of stability theory in liquid helium system; thermal acoustic oscillation characteristics in the unstable region; numerial simulation of thermal acoustic oscillations; mass-spring analyses of thermal acoustic oscillation systems. During the Hague Congress of the IIR, August 19-25, 1995, the author was awarded the IIR Carl von Linde Prize to young researchers for this work.


  • Original title: Thermal acoustic oscillations in cryogenic systems.
  • Record ID : 1996-0604
  • Languages: English
  • Publication: University of colorado, department of chemical engineering - United states/United states
  • Publication date: 1993
  • Source: Source: 280 p. (21.5 x 27.8); fig.; tabl.; append.
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