Thermal conductivity ageing of rigid closed cell polyurethane foams.

Author(s) : DU CAUZE DE NAZELLE G. M. R.

Type of monograph: Thesis


This thesis, presented for the degree of Doctor, develops the scientific expertise on heat and mass transfer through rigid foam cellular structures with CFC alternatives. It determines the extent to which both the complex foam local microstructure and its bulk chemical composition determines the overall properties and it develops a test procedure, ideally quick, simple, reliable and accurate, capable of assessing the long-term insulating properties of the newly developed products. Extract of contents: introduction; the structure of polyurethane foams; heat transfer in foams; mass transfer in closed cell foams: theory and modelling; computational simulations of mass transfer in 2-D closed cell foams; experimental measurement of foam characteristic structure; experimental measurements of foam effective and polymer intrinsic diffusion coefficients and solubility values; results of measurements and discussion.


  • Original title: Thermal conductivity ageing of rigid closed cell polyurethane foams.
  • Record ID : 1996-1280
  • Languages: English
  • Publication: Delft university of technology - Netherlands/Netherlands
  • Publication date: 1995
  • Source: Source: 326 p. (16.5 x 24); fig.; tabl.
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