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Thermodynamic analysis of a stand-alone gas engine driven heat pump.

Author(s) : YANG Z., QIU X., FANG Z.


Firstly, one drawback of conventional GEHP (gas engine driven heat pump), that is the dependence on both gas and electricity from power grid, is introduced. And then, a conception of stand-alone GEHP, which can supply its own needed electricity by itself, is put forward. To confirm the validity of the conception, thermodynamic analysis is carried out. Relative PER (primary energy ratio), is defined as the quotient of the PER of stand-alone GEHP and conventional GEHP. Dependence of this relative PER on the generator efficiency, for chosen values of parameters characterizing the compared systems is calculated and shown pictorially. Results indicate that the primary energy is used more efficiently in this case. Influencing factors and the ways of improving the performance of stand-alone GEHP can also be found from the results.

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  • Original title: Thermodynamic analysis of a stand-alone gas engine driven heat pump.
  • Record ID : 2008-0882
  • Languages: English
  • Subject: General information
  • Source: ICR 2007. Refrigeration Creates the Future. Proceedings of the 22nd IIR International Congress of Refrigeration.
  • Publication date: 2007/08/21


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