IIR member news: AFF

The French Association of Refrigeration (AFF) recently published an online study evaluating current availability of training for CO2, ammonia and hydrocarbon refrigerants, as well as needs assessment.
The new “F-gas” European regulation, coming into force on 1, January 2015, stipulates a gradual phase-down in the use of certain refrigerants; developing the use of natural refrigerants such as ammonia, CO2 and hydrocarbons; and advisories for staff handling these refrigerants.

The AFF summarized this in a new study entitled "Training in the Handling of So-called Natural Refrigerants".  This study covers training needs and the most likely means available today which can guarantee the effectiveness of measures implemented in line with the new regulations.

First the study maps the present availability of training related to natural refrigerants. It then assesses training requirements according to the number of staff to be trained. For instance, in the case of CO2 the AFF evaluated 10,000 employees from all sectors estimating that only 300 have received training so far. In addition, the Association recommends training programs and indicates general costs.