IIR member news: Star Refrigeration chooses CO2 to cool down a beer warehouse

Star Refrigeration, collective member of the IIR, recently published a case study about a CO2 solution used to cool down a beer warehouse.

The warehouse, owned by Brewdog, is located in Motherwell, Scotland. With a capacity of 80,000m3, it had to be cooled to a temperature of +5°C to provide optimal storage conditions for beer. Brewdog wanted a solution using natural refrigerants, to meet current and future regulatory requirements.

In this type of infrastructure, ammonia (R717) is frequently used. It has good heat transfer properties, a GWP of 0, it is energy efficient and its cost is much lower compared to that of HFCs. It nevertheless requires the use of a secondary fluid such as glycol, whichleads to a lower evaporation temperature, and therefore decreases the overall efficiency of the system.

Star Refrigeration has selected CO2 (R744) as a refrigerant, which it sees as a safer and more efficient option.

Star has designed a direct expansion system, associated with six air coolers in the room. The CO2 unit is designed for a refrigerating capacity of 480 kW at a room temperature of + 50°C.

The CO2 refrigeration package was installed outside the building and connected to chillers with pipes.

The choice of CO2 has reduced the size of equipment compared to other systems using alternative refrigerants.

Star's solution resulted in a 30% financial saving over a solution using ammonia and glycol.

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