Ice cream global trade data 2022

Europe continues to lead global exports of ice cream in 2022, according to the United Nations Comtrade database.

According to data from the United Nations Comtrade database, Europe dominated the global ice cream trade in 2022, both in exports and imports. The top five exporters are unchanged from 2021. Germany is the largest exporter of ice cream, followed by France, Belgium and the Netherlands. The United States is the 7th largest exporter of ice cream in the world.[1] A few emerging countries are among the top 20 exporters of ice cream, including Türkiye 11th, China 13th, Guatemala 16th, and the Philippines 19th.


Figure created by IIR using UN Comtrade data.[1]


Surprisingly, Europe also leads global imports of ice cream, with Germany being the top importer in 2022.[1] Data from Eurostat indicate that the volume of ice cream exported to non-EU countries is three times the volume imported from non-EU countries [2], suggesting that EU Member States mainly import ice cream within the EU. In 2022, Germany primarily imported ice cream from Belgium, Poland, France, the Netherlands and Italy, according to UN Comtrade.[1]



Figure created by IIR using UN Comtrade data.[1]




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The United Nations Comtrade database aggregates detailed global annual and monthly trade statistics by product and trading partner for use by governments, academia, research institutes, and enterprises. Data compiled by the United Nations Statistics Division covers approximately 200 countries and represents more than 99% of the world’s merchandise trade.



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