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  • Adoption rates of transcritical CO2 in European supermarkets vary considerably

    Shecco, a group promoting natural refrigerants, recently published “Guide 2012: Natural Refrigerants – Market Growth for Europe”, that seems to reveal a large difference in the adoption rates of transcritical CO2 between European countries.

    • Date de publication : 09/07/2012
  • Europe: la consommation de denrées surgelées en augmentation

    Selon une étude de Food for Thought (FFT), la consommation européenne de denrées surgelées a augmenté de 14% entre 2010 (12.663 millions de tonnes) et 2012 (14.456 millions de tonnes)

    • Date de publication : 26/02/2013
    • Sujets : Chiffres, économie
  • Refrigerated warehouse capacity and urban development

    Among other data, the 2012 IARW Global Cold Storage Capacity Report focuses on the relationship between refrigerated warehouse capacities and urban population levels.

    • Date de publication : 28/05/2013
    • Sujets : Chiffres, économie
  • Refrigerated storage trends

    Several cold store building projects illustrate trends currently observed in the refrigerated storage field: - by building in Harnes the largest cold store in France, frozen chip producer Mc Cain intends to house under one roof in April 2010 its...

    • Date de publication : 18/05/2009
  • Stratégies de refroidissement urbain (en anglais)

    Un rapport fournit des conseils pratiques pour optimiser les projets de développement visant à modérer les microclimats urbains dans les grands centres urbains d'Australie.

    • Date de publication : 16/01/2018
  • Integrated CO2-CHP system

    Brunel - a UK University - and 14 industrial partners in the commercial refrigeration sector have presented an innovative integrated energy system which has been designed to meet the needs of medium and large supermarkets and can be tailored to...

    • Date de publication : 11/02/2011
  • Refrigerated transport: truckers’ Delight

    North American truckers are set to upgrade their equipment in line with new regulations and due to strong consumer demands for better food safety. The FDA's hazard analysis critical control points (HACCP) system decrees that shippers and...

    • Date de publication : 28/01/2006
  • The International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses

    The International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses has just published a top 20 list of public warehouse facilities rated according to available refrigerated space. The total combined space of these international top 20 members of IARW is...

    • Date de publication : 30/09/2005
  • Modern technology permits economical refrigerated shipments

    The number of refrigerated shipments, and thus the number of refrigerated containers, has risen worldwide in recent years. Hamburg Süd is optimizing the use of cooling energy and will reduce the energy consumption of its reefer containers by 15%...

    • Date de publication : 27/06/2013
  • Autonomous systems for refrigerated transport

    The refrigerated transport sector is looking for solutions to reduce fuel consumption, refrigerant emissions and noise emissions. - Autonomous systems cooled by cryogenic secondary coolants offer alternatives. A system developed in Germany uses...

    • Date de publication : 25/02/2009
  • Fuel-cell-based system for refrigerated transport

    According to researchers* from the National Renewable Energy Centre in Sarriguren, Spain, hydrogen fuel cells could offer a solution for refrigerated transport.

    • Date de publication : 07/05/2013
  • A Refrigerated Noah’s ark

    Svalbard Global Seed Vault, on the Norwegian island of Spitzbergen, which has officially opened on February 26, 2008, is designed to be a fail-safe repository for the world's food crops. It has the capacity to store up to 4.5 million seed samples...

    • Date de publication : 12/02/2008
  • Markets: Refrigerated road transport: facts and figures

    According to a recent TechNavio Insights study on the UK refrigerated road transport market study, the estimated total number of refrigerated road transport vehicles in the UK, in 2008, was around 140@000. Of these, 43% (60@000) were vans and...

    • Date de publication : 18/05/2009
  • IIR corporate members news: Picard

    Picard, a corporate member of the IIR specialized in innovative, high-quality frozen foods, is expanding fast. With 150 new stores opened over the past few years, Picard now has 569 stores in France and 45 in Italy. BC Partners recently took over...

    • Date de publication : 11/02/2005
  • Refrigerated transport: innovative hybrid technology

    Carrier Transicold introduced Deltek hybrid diesel electric technology to the refrigerated transport industry in October of this year. The ultra-high-performance, EPA-compliant system can be used in multi-temperature applications without...

    • Date de publication : 28/01/2006