Development of ice slurry phase-change coolants.

Développement de fluides frigoporteurs à changement de phase.

Author(s) : KASZA K., WU Y., HEINE J., et al.

Type of article: Article, Review


This article is the French translation of a paper presented at the IIR conference in Karlsruhe, Germany (see the Bulletin of the IIR, reference 2009-1666). Over the last 15 years, interest in using phase-change ice slurry coolants has grown significantly. Because of the high energy content of ice slurry, which is due to the phase change (melting) of the ice particles under a cooling load, the cooling capacity of ice slurry is many times greater than that of single phase fluids. Research is focused on understanding ice slurry behaviour and developing highly-loaded, storable, and pumpable ice slurry coolants. Research has shown that the ice slurry must be engineered to have the correct ice particle characteristics (globular and smooth) so that it can be stored in a tank without agglomeration and is extractable for pumping through pipes at very high ice particle loading without plugging. Potential ice slurry cooling applications range from HVAC and food preservation to recent uses involving inducement of medical protective cooling. This paper provides an overview of the research and development related to the first and last ice slurry applications.