Food supply chain management.


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This book provides an understanding of the chain, to support those who manage each part, and to encourage and enhance the development of research in this varied and important area. It focuses on the management of the food supply, from food produced on the farm, through to food manufacture in retail and wholesale, and consumer issues. The book takes an international view of the subject, highlighting supply chain issues inside as well as outside the UK, in particular in North America and the European Union. Each chapter starts with aims and an introduction and concludes with study questions that students in particular will find useful. Topics covered include: introduction to the UK food supply chain; the food consumer and the supply chain; perceived risk and product safety in the food supply chain; procurement in the food and drink industry in the early 21st century; the UK livestock system and UK crop production; food manufacturing; food retailing, wholesaling and catering; partnerships and alliances in UK supermarket supply networks; new product development and information technology in food supply chain management; third party logistics in the food supply chain; temperature controlled supply chains; factors influencing supply and demand for organic foods; the US food supply chain; the future of food supply chain management.


  • Original title: Food supply chain management.
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