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Freezing of blocks of butter.

Author(s) : NAHID A., BRONLUND J. E., CLELAND D. J., et al.


Butter is a water-in-oil emulsion so release of latent heat during freezing is controlled as much by the rate of nucleation of water in each of the water droplets as by the rate of heat transfer. Measurements of butter freezing showed that the release of water latent heat depended on the degree of super-cooling which in turn depended on cooling medium temperature, size of the butter item, packaging, and the type of butter. A model of butter freezing incorporating a stochastic approach to ice nucleation based on super-cooling was formulated and tested against experimental data. While better than an equilibrium thermal property model, remaining lack of fit to experimental data suggested that time dependence of nucleation and ice crystal growth kinetics are important factors affecting butter freezing.

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  • Original title: Freezing of blocks of butter.
  • Record ID : 2007-0733
  • Languages: English
  • Source: Innovative Equipment and Systems for Comfort and Food Preservation.
  • Publication date: 2006/02/16


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