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GECF Global Gas Outlook 2050 Synopsis 

Author(s) : Gas Exporting Countries Forum

Type of monograph: Report


The GECF Global Gas Outlook 2050 (GECF GGO) provides  long-term energy projections, based on assumptions regarding macroeconomic conditions, energy prices, and policies.The GECF GGO aims to be a global reference for insights on natural gas markets and offers a view on natural gas market drivers, evolution and predictions to help to envision the world energy future over the 2050 forecast horizon. 
The GECF Energy Economics and Forecasting team uses the GECF Global Gas Model (GGM) for long-term economic forecasting of the natural gas market. The model has the capabilities to forecast 136 countries and covers 34 sectors and 35 fuels.


  • Original title: GECF Global Gas Outlook 2050 Synopsis 
  • Record ID : 30028239
  • Languages: English
  • Subject: Figures, economy, Regulation, Developing country, Environment
  • Publication: Gecf (gas exporting countries forum) - Doha - Qatar
  • Publication date: 2021/02