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IIR Informatory Notes on Refrigerating Technologies.

Author(s) : IIF-IIR

Type of monograph: Booklet


The IIR's Informatory Notes provide decision-makers and refrigeration stakeholders with information on major refrigeration issues. They are validated by an international network of IIR experts: No. 11 (1995) on the greenhouse effect; No. 12 (1997) on fluorocarbons and global warming ; No. 13 (1998) on standards for flammable refrigerants; No. 14 (1999) on reduction of emissions of refrigerants and containment in systems; No. 15 (1999) on carbon dioxide as a refrigerant; No. 16 (2003) on refrigerated transport; No. 17 (2003) on energy efficiency; No. 18 (2005) on evaporative cooling and Legionella; No. 19 (2006) on Liquefied Natural Gas: current expansion and perspectives; No. 20 (2007) on magnetic refrigeration at room temperature; the complete set (No. 11 to 20).