Refrigerants beyond the crisis: practical solutions.

Author(s) : Inst. Refrig., IMechE

Type of monograph: Other


Papers of a meeting of The Institute of Refrigeration, supported by The Society of Environmental Engineers. Extract of contents: Refrigerants: the present situation and future prospects. Alternative refrigerants for today and tomorrow. Revival of carbon dioxide as a refrigerant. Alternative refrigerants for use in domestic refrigerators: a case study. Interim replacements for R502. A comparative evaluation of the performance of systems using R502 alternatives. Alternative solutions for R11 centrifugal chillers. Low temperature applications. Wide boiling refrigerant mixtures for energy saving. Refrigerant leakage and leak detection. The use of ammonia and secondary refrigerants in retail stores. An example of R502 retrofit with "Forane" FX10 in commercial refrigeration. The use of alternative refrigerants in existing systems.


  • Original title: Refrigerants beyond the crisis: practical solutions.
  • Record ID : 1994-0670
  • Languages: English
  • Publication: Institute of refrigeration - United kingdom/United kingdom
  • Publication date: 1993/11/04
  • Source: Source: 120 p. (21 x 29); fig.; tabl.
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