Solar-gas solid sorption heat pump.

Author(s) : VASILIEV L.

Type of article: Periodical article


The goal of this work is to describe R&D on solid sorption short cycles heat pumps (lower or equal to 10 kW) using physical adsorption and of value in space and domestic applications. A new solar-gas heat pump based on solid sorption phenomena was designed and tested. This heat pump has a very short (12 min.) non intermittent two adsorber heat recovery cycles with an active carbon fibre as a sorbent bed and ammonia as a working fluid. The complete facility test is described. The first goal of this work is the experimental determination of main heat pump parameters using solar-gas high temperature source of energy and air-water as a low temperature source of energy to heat air-water. The second goal is the experimental analysis of thermal-hydraulic characteristics of thermosiphons used to heat and to cool a solid sorption machine. The third goal is the experimental investigation of new type loop heat pipes used as cooling panels.


  • Original title: Solar-gas solid sorption heat pump.
  • Record ID : 2000-2522
  • Languages: English
  • Source: DTI, Unpubl. Pap. - 6 p.; 8 fig.; 2 tabl.; 7 ref.
  • Publication date: 1999/12
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