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Technological development on prevention of thaw rigor of frozen whale meat.

[In Japanese. / En japonais.]


Type of article: Article


Frozen whale meat, which is the by-product of research whaling, has been provided to Japanese market. However, the meat causes thaw rigor at the time of defrosting because of the freshness of the meat. The whale meat resembles cattle meat in the behaviours of ATP and pH in muscles. In order to resolve the thaw rigor in defrosting, the authors conducted the basic experiment on electric stimulus is effective to decrease ATP in muscles, thought there are same matters to be resolved. They will continue the experiment to develop facilities for reducing the thaw rigor of whale meat.


  • Original title: [In Japanese. / En japonais.]
  • Record ID : 2006-2500
  • Languages: Japanese
  • Source: Refrigeration - vol. 81 - n. 941
  • Publication date: 2006


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