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The developing of lower GWP refrigerants.

Number: pap. n. 1328

Author(s) : OHKUBO S., FLOHR F., GOBOH K., et al.


Many lower global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants were developed as R404A alternatives to reduce environmental impact. In order to adapt to global regulation, many development options are necessary; New to market R468A was developed as a slightly flammable ultra-low GWP option with a GWP 146. Physical properties of R468A are comparable to R404A. Flammability and stability of the HFO blended option R468A should be considered, however it demonstrates a lower flammable limit (LFL) and burning velocity are similar to widely adopted for automotive use R1234yf and the thermal stability is also comparable to that of R1234yf. Since coefficient of properties (COP) of R468A is better than R404A in both medium temp (MT) and low temp (LT) condition, R468A is considered to be one potential option for R404A replacement to contribute reducing environmental impact for the earth in direct and indirect CO2 emission.

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  • Original title: The developing of lower GWP refrigerants.
  • Record ID : 30026102
  • Languages: English
  • Subject: General information
  • Source: Proceedings of the 25th IIR International Congress of Refrigeration: Montréal , Canada, August 24-30, 2019.
  • Publication date: 2019/08/24
  • DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18462/iir.icr.2019.1328


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