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1st International Conference on Magnetic Refrigeration at Room Temperature

Date: 2005.09.28 / 2005.09.30

Location: Montreux, Switzerland


The proceedings of this groundbreaking IIR conference comprise 4 keynote presentations, 20 papers on materials and 15 papers on systems. A welcome address given by the organizers (Prof. Peter W. Egolf, Prof. Osmann Sari, Andrej Kitanoski and Fabrice Gendre) concisely covers pioneering studies on magnetic refrigeration and provides some background information on the IIR Working Party on Magnetic Refrigeration. Topics: - Keynote presentations on magnetocaloric materials (status, perspectives, advanced materials, physical mechanisms), potential for cost-effective magnetocaloric air-conditioning systems and refrigeration aspects of magnetic particle suspensions. - Papers on materials include the following topics: gadolinium and its alloys, manganite materials, thermodynamic models for magnetic materials, progress in the development of industrial permanent magnets, the barocaloric effect, magnetocaloric effects, phase transition, magnetic entropy change, effect of spin fluctuations. - Papers on systems deal with the following: performance and modelling of regenerative room-temperature magnetic refrigeration cycles, optimization of magnetic refrigerators at room temperature for air-cooling systems, permanent-magnet and rotary magnetic refrigerators, a magnetic field source system, magnetocaloric-effect heat pumps, a new system for a magnetocaloric refrigerator, design and performance aspects, a reciprocating magnetic refrigerator. Papers: 39 (in english)

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