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7th IIR International Conference on Sustainability and the Cold Chain Online. Proceedings: April 11-13 2022

Date: 2022.04.11 / 2022.04.13

Location: United Kingdom


The conference includes over 50 technical papers, keynotes presentations, coffee lounge discussions hosted by expert speakers and workshops.
The conference is a platform to share global expertise on the cold chain. Papers explore cold chain innovation, developments in refrigeration technology and design, and examine how a sustainable cold chain is being built in developing nations. We will focus on how refrigeration can and is addressing key UN sustainable development goals related to hunger, health, energy, education, economic growth, infrastructure, sustainable cities, responsible production (reducing food waste), climate action and partnerships.
Session themes:
- Innovation in the cold chain
- Retail refrigeration, technology development and design
- Building a sustainable cold chain in developing nations
Topics include:
- Storage, transportation and logistics
- Modelling and predictive tools
- Food quality, food safety, reducing food waste
- Pharmaceutical cold chain
- New technologies in design
- Sustainability and reducing climate change in the whole sector
- Innovations in energy supply, management and storage
- Energy use, heat recovery and demand reduction
- Sustainable and cost-effective refrigerant options
- Renewable technologies and energy generation
- Reducing the climate impact of refrigerants and refrigerant leakage throughout the cold chain
- Carbon footprinting and reducing environmental impact

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