A comparison between refrigerants used in air conditioning.

Author(s) : ÖZKAN D., AGRA Ö., CETIN Ö.


It's clearly known that growing dimensions of the hole on ozone layer has very important damages and effects on living creatures today. Investigations show that refrigerants that commonly used in air conditioning have great impacts on damage of ozone layer. For this reason, researches on alternative refrigerants to be used for air conditioning are still continuing. In this study, the performance of different refrigerants like R-600a, R-134a, R-290, R-1270, R-32, R-22, and R-152a, in vapour compression refrigeration cycles and heat pumps was investigated. Analyses was made on the ideal vapour compression refrigeration cycle and a second cycle which was created by adding subcool and superheat regions on the first one. While evaporation temperature is changing between -40 and -10°C, condensation temperature = 40°C is constant for 2,2 kW of cooling load. Also a comparison between refrigeration performance and variation on compressor power was carried out at different evaporation temperatures of different refrigerants.


  • Original title: A comparison between refrigerants used in air conditioning.
  • Record ID : 2008-2433
  • Languages: English
  • Source: Clima 2007. WellBeing Indoors. Proceedings of the 9th REHVA World Congress [CD-ROM + Abstract book].
  • Publication date: 2007/06/10


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