Ammonia refrigerating plant for the manufacture of pumpable water-ice mixtures and liquid carbon dioxide for the cooling of display cabinets.

[In German. / En allemand.]

Author(s) : KAUFFELD M.


Preliminary analyses of the described plant have shown that the yearly operation costs for use of a refrigerating plant using natural refrigerants in a supermarket are on the same level that traditional two-stage refrigeration plants. Investments are also nearly the same. The production of an ice mixture is technically possible. Different pressure losses are stated according to the additive used. A combination of the ice mixture and chilled water accumulation may reduce operation costs.


  • Original title: [In German. / En allemand.]
  • Record ID : 1996-3421
  • Languages: German
  • Source: DKV-Tagungsbericht 1995, Ulm.
  • Publication date: 1995/11/22
  • Document available for consultation in the library of the IIR headquarters only.


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