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ASHRAE Transactions. 2008 Winter Meeting, New York City, NY. Volume 114, part 1 + CD-ROM.

Date: 1900.01.01


This collection of 59 papers presented at the ASHRAE 2008 Winter Meeting, held in New York City, New York, USA, includes all technical and seminar papers as well as discussion questions and answers. Topics include: high density cooling issues update; building information modelling; optimization of vehicle seat contact surface temperature; refrigerant emissions; regulations about re-circulating air from air cleaning devices; ventilation of tall sustainable buildings; energy efficiency and sustainability of datacom facilities; hazardous biological agents in hospital indoor air; indoor environments and productivity; sustainability of innovative absorption/sorption systems; long term data centre planning; pros and cons of new replacement refrigerants in new systems and retrofit applications; falling film evaporation; new development of energy conservation in clean rooms; exergy; HVAC design considerations for justice facilities; moisture management concerns in commercial and residential buildings; commissioning of large buildings; expected life of systems; CFD modelling of industrial ventilation systems; zero energy buildings of the future; designing for dehumidification and mould avoidance; models for refrigerant and component evaluation; emerging applications in low temperature refrigeration and cryogenics; refrigerants and compressors: factors in chiller selection. The CD-ROM also includes comments and questions from the previous meeting (2007 ASHRAE Annual Meeting in Long Beach, CA).