ASHRAE Transactions.

Date: 1900.01.01


Technical (48) and symposium (77) papers presented at the 1996 Winter Meeting in Atlanta, GA, USA, February 16-21. Topics include: energy savings and special facilities; fault detection and diagnosis for HVAC systems; integrating thermal energy storage with hydronic systems; alternative-water treatment methods for cooling towers; radiant-panel heating and cooling, case studies; building mass/fabric thermal storage; laboratory internal loads and design information; application of computational fluid dynamics techniques to airflow around buildings; cogeneration and distribution systems; heat transfer and fluid-flow characteristics of alternative refrigerants/refrigerant mixtures; thermal distribution system efficiency; evaporative cooling; ground-source heat pump systems; "CFC"-characterizing fenestration components; absorption/sorption heat pumps and refrigerating systems; water-heating systems; domestic refrigerator/freezer technology; building HVAC control. Some of the papers will be abstracted in a future issue of the Bulletin.


  • Original title: ASHRAE Transactions.
  • Organiser : ASHRAE
  • Record ID : 1996-3836
  • Languages: English
  • Number of articles: 39
  • Publication: Ashrae (american society of heating, refrigerating and air-conditioning engineers) - United states/United states
  • ISSN: 00012505
  • Source: Source: vol. 102; n. 1; 1243 p. (22 x 28.6); fig.; tabl.; index; USD 187.00.
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    ASHRAE Trans./ASHRAE, Winter Meet., Atlanta

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