Conference proceedings of the 1998 Earth Technologies Forum.

Date: 1900.01.01


These proceedings contain 36 papers of this forum, held in Washington, DC, USA, October 26-28, 1998. It addresses climate change and ozone protection technologies and policies. Extract from the table of contents: climate change policy (Kyoto Protocol; emissions trading programs; establishing a baseline; international programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; technology financing for sustainable development); ozone protection policy (implementation of the Montreal Protocol); transportation (mobile air conditioning; today's and tomorrow's environmentally-friendly vehicles; aerospace industry); energy (sources and supply; heat and power generation; opportunities for end-use efficiency; renewable energy technologies and practices); ozone depleting substance management; air conditioning and refrigeration (supermarket and transport refrigeration; chillers; household appliances; refrigerants; Montreal protocol technical options committee reports); foams: innovations.


  • Original title: Conference proceedings of the 1998 Earth Technologies Forum.
  • Organiser : Int. Clim. Chang. Partn., Alliance responsib. atmos. Policy
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  • Publication: Earth technologies forum - United states/United states
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    Proc. Earth Technol. Forum

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