Fluorine chemistry and refrigeration.

La chimica del fluoro e la refrigerazione.



Review of fluorinated refrigerants, blowing agents, products for extinguishers. General properties. Refrigerants: definitions, quality criteria. Properties of various fluorinated refrigerants: pure HFC refrigerants, refrigerant mixtures ("drop-in" or not). Advantages and drawbacks of substitutes to R22 (R407C, R410A). Azeotropic and zeotropic refrigerant mixtures: problems in servicing; composition of the refrigerant charge and of the circulating refrigerant. Propane-based products and fluorine ethers: refrigerants for high temperature heat pumps (characteristics of possible substitutes for R114 as well as zeotropic mixtures, possible substitutes for R11 and R114); blowing agents for rigid polyurethane (characteristics of possible substitutes for HCFC-141b); extinguishers (characteristics of possible substitutes for H 1301); fluorine ethers (properties, possible substitutes for R113 as solvents or as refrigerants in heat pumps). J.G.


  • Original title: La chimica del fluoro e la refrigerazione.
  • Record ID : 1998-2734
  • Languages: Italian
  • Source: FREE '97. Fluidi refrigeranti, espandenti, estinguenti./ FREE '97. Refrigerating, blowing and extinguishing agents.
  • Publication date: 1997/04/18
  • Document available for consultation in the library of the IIR headquarters only.


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