Pool boiling.

Author(s) : LALLEMAND M.

Type of article: Article


Heat transfer between a wall and a stagnant boiling liquid is reviewed in the paper. The effect of different parameters on the boiling curve is pointed out on the basis of experimental data from the literature. Augmentation of heat transfer by enhanced surfaces is described briefly using water as an example. The available correlations for prediction of heat transfer coefficients are given for the entire boiling curve, ie nucleate, transitional, and film boiling, and critical points. These correlations are useful for the design and operation of various heat-exchange systems.


  • Original title: Pool boiling.
  • Record ID : 1994-2204
  • Languages: English
  • Subject: General information
  • Source: Int. chem. Eng. - vol. 33 - n. 4
  • Publication date: 1993/10
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