Refrigerants: nature's own.

Réfrigérants : retour à la nature.

Author(s) : JACKSON J., SKÖLD A.

Type of article: Article, Review


A few decades ago, the world began drastically reducing the use of refrigerants that depleted the ozone layer. Their replacements, however, turned out to be potent greenhouse gases. While the world is considering whether to phase out these harmful substances, consumer groups and industry are finding naturally occurring refrigerants to be a cost-effective and long-term solution. See also this issue of the Bulletin, references 2010-1736 to 1740.


  • Original title: Réfrigérants : retour à la nature.
  • Record ID : 2010-1735
  • Languages: French
  • Subject: Environment, General information, HFCs alternatives
  • Source: Here - n. 28
  • Publication date: 2010/11


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