Refrigeration machines.

Hladilni mashin.

Author(s) : DITCHEV S. P.

Type of monograph: Book


Extract from the table of contents: physical principles to obtain low temperatures; thermodynamic fundamentals of refrigerating machines; working bodies; theoretical cycles for one-stage steam compressor refrigerating machines; real processes in reciprocating compressors of refrigerating machines; basic circuit and theoretical cycles of multi-step steam compressor refrigeration machines; compressors; heat transfer and hydrodynamics; evaporators, air coolers and cooling batteries; condensers; auxiliary apparatus; air refrigeration machine; steam ejector and absorption refrigerating machines; automation. Diagrams for ammonia, CO2, R12, R22, R23, R123, R134a, R401A, R402A, R404A, R407C, R410A and R507A and ammonia-water solution are given in the appendix.


  • Original title: Hladilni mashin.
  • Record ID : 2003-2628
  • Languages: Bulgarian
  • Subject: General information
  • Publication: University of food technology, department of food engineering equipment - Bulgaria/Bulgaria
  • Publication date: 2002
  • ISBN: 9542400268
  • Source: Source: ed. 4; 311 p. (16.5 x 23.5); fig.; tabl.; ref.; append.
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