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  • Montreal Protocol news

    - Malaysia expects to phase-out HCFCs by 2030 "Malaysia is expected to completely phase out the consumption of HCFCs by 2030 as scheduled", Natural Resources and Environment Minister Datuk Douglas Uggah Embas said recently. He presented a...

    • Publication date : 2009/02/25
  • Brief: Kogas

    Kogas had hoped to buy an extra 10 liquefied natural gas (LNG) cargoes ahead of the peak-demand winter season but is encountering a tight market. Besides annual supplies under term contracts, Kogas has recently been buying more than 30 LNG cargoes...

    • Publication date : 2006/01/28
  • Measures towards energy-efficient air conditioning in Southeast Asian countries

    The IEA projects that electricity demand from air conditioning could reach 300 TWh by 2040 in the ASEAN region (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). Energy efficiency measures...

    • Publication date : 2022/05/30
    • Subjects: Regulation, Figures, economy
  • Trane announces contract with Carrefour for 38 stores in Asia

    On February 9, 2005, Trane, a global provider of indoor comfort systems and comprehensive facility solutions, won a competitive bid process with Carrefour, the world's second largest retailer, for 38 new stores in China, Indonesia, Thailand,...

    • Publication date : 2005/03/15
  • LNG Worldwide

    - Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is found in many parts of the world (e.g. Algeria, Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Libya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Oman, Qatar and Trinidad and Tobago), with the largest reserves in the Middle East. Worldwide, there are...

    • Publication date : 2004/04/28
  • Briefs: hub in the Philippines

    Haisan resources, a Malaysian logistics group, intends to create a regional hub in the Philippines for the storage of foods under controlled-temperature conditions. Construction is already underway to expand and convert the equipments of Haisan's...

    • Publication date : 2006/07/26
  • The air conditioning boom in South-East Asia

    According to a recent survey, Southeast Asia faces a looming crisis as more people crank up inefficient air conditioning (AC) to cope with rising temperatures.

    • Publication date : 2018/03/22
    • Subjects: Developing country, Figures, economy
  • The air conditioning boom in Southeast Asia

    Electricity consumption needed for air conditioning in the ten ASEAN countries could quadruple between 2017 and 2040 to reach 300 TWh. But a saving of 110 TWh is possible by doubling during this period the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of...

    • Publication date : 2019/11/29
    • Subjects: Figures, economy
  • LNG supply grows faster than any other source of gas

    LNG trade reached 241.1 MT in 2014, a 4.3 MT increase over 2013 levels.

    • Publication date : 2015/08/10
  • Cryogenic mobile refrigeration system for environmentally friendly delivery

    A system developed by Linde Group’s BOC uses the the cryogenic effect of liquid nitrogen at -196°C to achieve rapid and evenly distributed temperature drops.

    • Publication date : 2012/07/05
  • Global liquefied natural gas figures

    According to the International Gas Union, global liquefied natural gas (LNG) trade set a new record in 2016, reaching 258 million tonnes.

    • Publication date : 2017/11/08
    • Subjects: Figures, economy
  • Slight increase in global LNG trade in 2020

    Global LNG trade continued to grow in 2020 albeit at a slower pace than the previous year. Meanwhile, orders for LNG-powered vessels have increased significantly.

    • Publication date : 2021/10/22
    • Subjects: Figures, economy
  • The LNG industry in 2012: key figures

    According to GIIGNL, in 2012, global LNG imports nets of reload reached 236.3 Mt, a 1.9% decrease compared to 2011.

    • Publication date : 2013/10/08
    • Subjects: Figures, economy
  • Latest trends in global energy-saving regulations

    A summary of the latest trends from the JARN.

    • Publication date : 2017/08/14
    • Subjects: Regulation
  • Continued increase in global LNG trade in 2019

    The global Liquefied natural gas (LNG) trade has continued to increase in 2019, with export growth coming from the USA, Russia, Australia, Algeria and Egypt. Asia Pacific and Asia remain the largest importing...

    • Publication date : 2020/05/27
    • Subjects: Figures, economy
  • New IIR members

    The IIR welcomes the following new members: Benefactor members Communauté Urbaine de Dunkerque, France EPEE, Belgium Private members Mr Nacer Achaichia, Belgium Mr Pascal Leterrible, France Mr Georges Marguerite, France Mr Mitchell...

    • Publication date : 2011/02/04
  • New IIR members

    Here are the private members worldwide who have joined us over the past year. We are very pleased to welcome them. Several members are from countries that are not yet member countries. We also have a lot of new junior members (under 35 years) and...

    • Publication date : 2006/07/26
  • IIR member news: Nestle invests in ice cream

    Nestle S.A. has invested USD 29.1 million to expand its ice cream plant in Egypt.

    • Publication date : 2013/11/28