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  • Masdar City is testing high-vacuum flat solar thermal panels for air conditioning

    Masdar City and TVP Solar have completed installation of a field of TVP Solar's MT-Power high-vacuum flat solar thermal panels for the solar cooling plant at Masdar City, UAE.

    • Publication date : 2012/05/22
  • Briefs: double-effect trigeneration for energy savings in French space centre

    The Centre Spatial de Toulouse, which is part of the French Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales is now equipped with a large-scale trigeneration plant. The Centre comprises 60 buildings and employs 2500 employees and until 2002 also had a huge...

    • Publication date : 2009/12/09
  • Integrated CO2-CHP system

    Brunel - a UK University - and 14 industrial partners in the commercial refrigeration sector have presented an innovative integrated energy system which has been designed to meet the needs of medium and large supermarkets and can be tailored to...

    • Publication date : 2011/02/11
  • Nestlé Japan’s Himeji factory’s natural gas cogeneration system

    Nestlé Japan's Himeji factory's natural gas cogeneration system has won the 9th New Energy Award in recognition of its high degree of innovation. The Himeji plant is used to produce soluble coffee cryogenically and has high energy efficiency (92%,...

    • Publication date : 2005/07/19
  • Briefs: Optimized freight hub

    A new temperature-controlled freight hub in Christchurch International Airport, New Zealand, was opened by Hellmann Worldwide Logistics on March 12, 2009. "The facility has been predicated on environmental, efficiency and energy-conscious criteria...

    • Publication date : 2009/05/18
  • Briefs: District cooling in Saudi Arabia

    MODON signed an agreement with National Tri-Generational CHP Company (NTCC) to provide the Jeddah 2nd Industrial City with a district cooling service system. The system will provide the industrial city about 352 MW of district cooling services and...

    • Publication date : 2010/03/07
  • Energy savings: Case study on a cool way to cut energy consumption in the UK food industry

    A collaborative research and development project led by a mechanical engineering team from Brunel University, UK, found that supermarkets and food processing plants could cut their energy costs by over 30% and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by...

    • Publication date : 2005/07/19
  • Ice storage

    The Paris Palais des Congrès, a vast building comprising a Congress centre, a hotel and a shopping mall is equipped with an ice storage system allowing it to optimize its power-bill management in winter, but also to shave summer peaks and to...

    • Publication date : 2007/11/20
  • Briefs: Development of liquid-ammonia-based CO2 capture is pacing up

    Alstom, EPRI and We Energies are launching a pilot project in the United States, using a chilled liquid-ammonia-based solution in order to capture the CO2 rejected by coal-powered power plants. The system captures the gas before isolating it at...

    • Publication date : 2008/08/12
  • French supermarkets turn to ice slurries

    - Carrefour 's Collégien, France, hypermarket is using indirect refrigeration for over 6100 m 2 out of a total 15 000 m 2 surface area: CO 2 (in a 4-loop system) for temperatures below 0°C (refrigerating capacity: 232 kW) and ice slurries...

    • Publication date : 2005/02/11
  • Agreement on air conditioner efficiency standards in the US

    On November 11, 2004, air conditioner manufacturers and energy efficiency advocates in the US announced a consensus agreement on equipment efficiency standards for air conditioners and heat pumps. The current federal standard, Energy Efficiency...

    • Publication date : 2005/02/11
  • Huge-scale cryogenics: ITER

    The ITER fusion project is the world's largest, international effort at developing an energy-positive experimental fusion reactor involving the People's Republic of China, the European Union and Switzerland, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the...

    • Publication date : 2006/01/28
  • Consensus agreement on air conditioner efficiency standards in the US

    On November 11, 2004, air conditioner manufacturers and energy efficiency advocates in the US announced that they had reached a consensus agreement on federal equipment efficiency standards for air conditioners and heat pumps used in many...

    • Publication date : 2004/11/25
  • Supermarket news

    Tesco ( Thailand ) has almost completed a 5-year £18-million programme to replace all CFCs and HCFCs used in its stores and is replacing refrigerating equipment with highly energy-efficient systems. Energy consumption has dropped 30%, this being...

    • Publication date : 2005/06/14
  • Solar Air conditioning

    With high summer temperatures, air-conditioning and thermal comfort are increasingly important issues, but raise the challenges of high energy consumption and of environmental consequences. Three recent projects use solar energy to operate...

    • Publication date : 2007/08/05
  • News from IIR members: Nestlé

    Nestlé's confectionery production facility in Halifax, UK, has implemented an award-winning innovative ammonia heat pump plant to power its operations, cutting costs at the site by over 240 000 € per year. The system, formed by a collaborative...

    • Publication date : 2011/02/07
  • News from IIR members: Danfoss

    A pleasant indoor climate and no energy costs. This is what it feels like to live in the Zero+ house - the first home in Denmark that produces more power than is actually consumed. The house supplies its own heating and electricity and generates...

    • Publication date : 2011/02/04
  • Conferences: Prague

    CryoPrague brought together Cryogenics (one of a series of IIR conferences), ICEC 21 (International Cryogenic Engineering Conference 21) and the International Cryogenic Material Conference (ICMC 2006) for the first time in July 2006. CryoPrague...

    • Publication date : 2006/11/14
  • CryoHub: EU project CryoHub is inviting cold chain companies to become ‘CryoHub Champions’

    The CryoHub innovation project investigates and extends the potential of large-scale Cryogenic Energy Storage (CES) and applies the stored energy for both cooling and power generation.

    • Publication date : 2016/06/28
  • Activities of the IIR’s Commission A2 on Liquefaction and Separation of Gases

    The problems related to thermodynamic optimization and new technologies in liquefaction and separation of gases are actual and critical for many branches of modern industry, power generation and medicine.

    • Publication date : 2014/03/07
  • New IIR Informatory Note on Solar Cooling 

    Discover the latest IIR Informatory Note that provides a detailed analysis of solar cooling: an environmentally friendly and promising technology.

    • Publication date : 2020/12/22
    • Subjects: Technology
  • IIR member news: Angelantoni Group

    “COLD ENERGY” is an innovative solution to improve energy efficiency both for old and new compression refrigeration systems by transferring a highly efficient automotive technology to enhance energy recovery of heat exchangers.

    • Publication date : 2017/01/20
  • Liquefied Natural Gas: production process and cold energy recovery

    Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is natural gas that has been cooled to about -160 °C and turned into a liquid to facilitate transportation and storage. A typical LNG supply chain...

    • Last update : 2023/06/23
    • Langues : French, English
    • Themes : LNG and LPG
  • Cryogenic nitrogen in the food and beverage industry

    The adoption of cryogenic processes in the food and beverage industry is predominantly driven by liquid nitrogen (LIN), and it is the preferred candidate for food chilling and...

    • Last update : 2023/06/09
    • Langues : French, English
    • Themes : Freezing of foodstuffs
  • Additive manufacturing of regenerators for caloric cooling

    In many areas of engineering, additive manufacturing allows the production of complex and multifunctional products that could not be manufactured using traditional methods. In the...

    • Last update : 2022/09/16
    • Langues : French, English
    • Themes : Caloric cooling (magnetocaloric, electrocaloric, elastocaloric and barocaloric cooling)
  • Additive manufacturing of heat exchangers

    In the refrigeration industry, additive manufacturing (colloquially referred to as “3D printing”) makes it possible to fabricate novel, complex and potentially more energy efficient...

    • Last update : 2022/09/07
    • Langues : French, English
    • Themes : Evaporators, condensers and other heat exchangers