Cryogenics 2008. Proceedings of the 10th IIR International Conference.

Date: 2008.04.21 / 2008.04.25

Location: Prague, Czech (Republic)


These proceedings contain 29 papers as well as 16 posters presented at this international conference, organized by the Czech National Committee for co-operation with the IIR, held every 2 years in Prague, Czech Republic. Extract from the table of contents: helium liquefaction; pulse tubes and other refrigerators; helium temperature techniques; high-temperature superconductivity; gas separation and liquefaction; storage and transport of industrial gases; use of low temperatures in industry; cryostorage of cells and tissues; use of low temperatures in cryotherapy. Topics of the posters are: helium temperature techniques; high temperature superconductivity; and nitrogen temperature technology.

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