Multiconference CryoPrague 2006 (9th Cryogenics 2006, ICEC 21, ICMC'06).

Date: 2006.07.17 / 2006.07.21

Location: Prague, Czech (Republic)


The proceedings of this cutting-edge IIR event comprise 220 papers and 6 plenary lectures. Cryoprague brought together experts from many parts of the world and for the first-time combined the 9th IIR Cryogenics conference with ICEC and ICMC events in one major event held in Prague, Czech Republic, on July 17-21 2006. Topics: - Cryogenics for accelerators - Magnetic levitation - Cryogenics for fusion - Superconducting machines, space applications - Properties of cryofluids, heat transfer - Instrumentation, pulse-tube and other cryocoolers - Cryostats, insulation - Structural materials - Superconductor preparation, behavior and properties - Characterization and properties of HTS - Superconductive wire technology - Liquefaction and separation of gases - Liquefied gas storage and transport - Liquefied natural gas and hydrogen - Cryogenic equipment design, control and maintenance - Application of industrial gases and low temperatures - Cryosurgery and cryotreatment in medicine - Cryopreservation of cells and tissues. 220 papers + 6 plenary lectures (in English)

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