Exergy analysis in CO2 heat pumps.


CO2 (R744) is one of the natural refrigerants found everywhere in our ambiance with exceptional advantageous properties that could contribute to the answer of the environmental problems caused by other refrigerants' application. CO2 is non-flammable with no Ozone Depletion Potential and an insignificant GWP, while its most notable property is the low critical temperature of 31.1ºC. The authors' work delineates the variation of exergy efficiency factor, COP and exergy flow related to the use of carbon dioxide in heat pumps. To simulate the relevant thermodynamic cycle a mathematical model was developed and an attempt was made for our efficiency and exergy losses results to be displayed. Furthermore, we introduce fundamental process and system design issues of CO2 heat pumps cycle, as well as its properties and characteristics comparing its use to that of R22 and its substitutes R407C and R410A applied to relevant conditions. Since exergy analysis contributes in the minimization of losses and improves the systems operational cost, the results of this paper will boost the design philosophy.

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  • Original title: Exergy analysis in CO2 heat pumps.
  • Record ID : 2011-0029
  • Languages: English
  • Source: IIR/Eurotherm sustainable refrigeration and heat pump technology conference. Proceedings of the Eurotherm Seminar No. 88, Stockholm, Sweden, June 13-16, 2010.
  • Publication date: 2010/06/13


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