Freezing suitability of "Serrano F1" and "Aravaho" cauliflowers. Effect of blanching and freezing methods.

[In Spanish. / En espagnol.]


Two different blanching methods were carried out: 1) step-wise blanching, 10 minutes at 70 deg C, cooled and held at 98 deg C for 30 seconds; and 2) normal blanching, 2 minutes at 98 deg C. Cauliflowers were frozen either in plate freezers or in liquid nitrogen. Firmness, colour, ascorbic acid and peroxidase activity were analyzed. Cauliflower quality was also organoleptically evaluated after cooking. Both varieties showed good freezing suitability but results do not justify nitrogen freezing. Normal blanched cauliflowers had less acid ascorbic losses.


  • Original title: [In Spanish. / En espagnol.]
  • Record ID : 1995-0304
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Source: II congreso internacional de tecnologia y desarrollo alimentarios. 1. Ponencias. 2. Comunicaciones cientificas./ International congress on food technology and development. Proceedings.
  • Publication date: 1992/10/05
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