Mastering the cold chain. Compendium of standards and regulations: the food sector [CD-ROM].

Maîtrise de la chaîne du froid. Recueil de normes et réglementation : alimentaire [CD-ROM].

Author(s) : AFNOR

Type of monograph: Standard/Recommendation


This CD-ROM is a compendium of regulations that apply to all cold chain operators (production, storage, transport, distribution, display for sale, interfaces). The standards included in this compendium provide technical solutions making it possible to comply with regulatory requirements. They cover all categories of equipment and control devices for quick-frozen, frozen and chilled foodstuffs, as well as ice cream. New standards on temperature measurements and control are also provided. The CD-ROM contains the following documents: standards (French and/or European): NF D40-001, D74-004, E18-152, E35-501-1, E35-501-2, E35-501-3, E35-501-4, NF ISO 1496-2, L93-102, P75-401-1, P75-401-2, P75-411-1, P75-411-2, U36-102, FD D74-002, NF EN 441-1, 441-1/A1, 441-2, 441-3, 441-4, 441-5, 441-6, 441-7, 441-8, 441-9, 441-10, 441-11, 441-12, 13732, 12406, 12410, 12830, 13485, 13486, XP D74-001; orders: AR 19740626A, 19860107E, 19950509F, 19970528B, 19990730C, 19960403A, 19980423A, 19980706A, 20001106A, 20011019B, 20020102A, 19980720A, 20011030D, 20020208A, 20020821A, 19950509F, 19970929A, 19980706A, 20011019A, 19970715A, 19980319D, 19991220A; position statements: AV 19980819A; decrees: DC 64-949, 84-1147, 91-409, 91-1230, 99-35, 97-1016, 97-1016, 20010212A; directives: DI 89/108/CE, 89/397/CE, 92/1/CE, 92/2/CE, 93/43/CE, 93/99/CE.


  • Original title: Maîtrise de la chaîne du froid. Recueil de normes et réglementation : alimentaire [CD-ROM].
  • Record ID : 2004-0981
  • Languages: French
  • Subject: Regulation
  • Publication: Afnor - France/France
  • Publication date: 2003/04/01
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  • ISBN: 2120474214
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