Proceedings of the International Conference Postharvest Unlimited.

Date: 2002.06.11 / 2002.06.14

Location: Leuven, Belgium


This issue of "Acta Horticulturae" contains 98 papers presented at this Conference, co-sponsored by the IIR, held in Leuven (Belgium). Extract from the table of contents: 1-methylcyclopropene (postharvest treatments to reduce the harmful effects of ethylene on apricots; improvements in the storage quality of apples in the UK; extending the shelf life of 'Triumph' persimmons after storage; 1-methylcyclopropene increased storability in plum); advances in packaging (industry guidelines for high oxygen modified-atmosphere packaging of fresh prepared produce; effect of high O2 and CO2 atmosphere on microbial and sensorial quality of fresh processed lettuce; postharvest quality dynamic of fresh-cut asparagus in different film packaging; postharvest behaviour of tomatoes in different transport packaging units; interactions between knife sharpness and storage temperature on browning at the cut surface of hand-trimmed bobby beans; effects of package and temperature equilibration time on physiochemical attributes of kiwifruit); alternative treatments (effects of postharvest heat and ultraviolet applications on decay, chilling injury and resistance against pathogens of citrus and other fruits and vegetables); heat and mass transfer (temperature variability during shipment of fresh produce; prediction of dynamic behaviour of controlled-atmosphere, CA, cool rooms using lumped parameter approach); measurement of quality attributes (thermal properties and thermal image bruise detection in apples; investigating the firmness of stored apples by a non-destructive method; relaxation time and other properties of cucumber in relation to chilling injury; effect of some postharvest treatments and CA storage on basic quality criteria of peaches and nectarines; physiological disorders in stored flower bulbs assessed by magnetic resonance imaging; quality changes in shredded green papaya under CA storage); modelling (prediction of temperature variability between hazelnuts during the roasting process; CFD model validation for a ventilated installation; simulation of gases in fruit storage chambers with lattice Boltzman; quality control in the storage of potatoes for industrial processing; modelling of respiration and modified-atmosphere packaging of Mango); postharvest physiology; postharvest treatments (effect of maturity and storage conditions on rishitin accumulation and disease resistance to Botrytis cinerea in UV-C treated tomato fruit; application of edible coatings to improve shelf life of Mexican guava; the effect of heat pretreatment on quality and shelf life of fresh-cut apples); storage of pome fruit (investigations of harvest maturity and suitability for storage of some apple cultivars in Latvia; influence of orchard, harvest date and CA, on storage quality of 'Rocha' pear; volatile composition of 'Renetta Canada' fruit at harvest and after CA storage; a research on CA storage of cv. 'Elstar'; quality changes of some apple cultivars stored in normal atmosphere for long periods; physical and biochemical changes during CA storage of cv. Granny Smith; variation of bruising susceptibility of Golden Delicious' apples in relation to CA-storage time; effect of CA storage on the physical and sensorial quality of 'Rocha' pear); storage of other commodities (cold acclimation of carrots during storage: mechanical properties and antifreezing protein; quality of raspberries and blackcurrants after frozen storage; durable storage possibility of fruit and berries; the role of CA treatment on the storage quality of cabbage; CA storage of fresh-cut mushrooms; control of grey mould caused by the postharvest pathogen Botrytis cinerea on English sweet cherries by CA storage.


  • Original title: Proceedings of the International Conference Postharvest Unlimited.
  • Organiser : ISHS, NICOLAÏ B. M., BAERDEMAEKER J. de
  • Record ID : 2005-1045
  • Languages: English
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  • Publication: Ishs (international society for horticultural science) - Belgium/Belgium
  • ISSN: 05677572
  • ISBN: 9066059060
  • Conference type: Other conference (non-IIR)
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    Acta Hortic./Proc. int. Conf. Postharvest Unltd., Leuven

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