Technological innovations in air-conditioning and refrigeration industry + CD-ROM.

Date: 2007.06.08 / 2007.06.09

Location: Milan, Italy


These proceedings contain 43 papers presented at the XIIth European Conference, held in Milano, Italy, organized with the participation of the IIR. Topics were divided into 5 sessions: New refrigerants and perspectives. New components and equipment (introduction to magnetic refrigeration; solar cooling technologies; new technologies in heat exchangers and in CO2 gas coolers; CO2 in refrigeration plants and in heat pumps; new technologies in scroll compressors; new technologies of energy savings in screw compressors and in hydrocarbon heat pumps; new control system in air conditioning for telecommunications; new energy efficiency control in chillers; new technologies in the coabsorbent cycle). Open discussion on energy issues, new fluids, new plants and new European regulations. European and international laws, certification and licences in refrigeration, air conditioning and energy savings (the EU regulation; European refrigeration training and certification; latest European regulations on refrigerants and energy efficiency; certifications and energy auditing of air-conditioning systems; tests and standards for heat recovery on exhaust air; performance inspection of HVAC/R systems to save energy). New control technologies and the cold chain: CO2 in the cold chain (energy recovery in the cold chain; CO2 in the cold chain: transcritical R-744 bottle cooler; new technology in the cold chain using natural refrigerants; new technologies in CO2 compressor for light commercial refrigeration; solar chill cooler and refrigerator for the cold chain; controls in the cold chain: leak detection and plant maintenance; new solutions in the cold chain; eco-design of commercial refrigerators and freezers).


  • Original title: Technological innovations in air-conditioning and refrigeration industry + CD-ROM.
  • Organiser : Centro Studi Galileo
  • Record ID : 2007-2889
  • Languages: English
  • Number of articles: 24
  • Publication: Centro studi galileo - Italy/Italy
  • Series number: 12
  • Conference type: Other conference (non-IIR)
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    Proc. XII eur. Conf. technol. Innov. Air Cond. Refrig. Ind., Milan

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