The international quick-frozen product market.

Marché international des produits surgelés.

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Summary: Company activities (Spain, Ireland, Israel, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Turkey). Subject countries: Germany (catering); Belgium (quick-frozen fish); South Korea; Hungary; Italy (sales of prepared foods); United Kingdom (non-household catering). Fish-based products (Spain). Vegetable-based products (Belgium, Spain, Europe, United Kingdom). Fruit-based products (Spain, United States, European Union). Potato and French Fry-based products (Japan). Logistics, transport, distribution, "home service" (United Kingdom). Ice cream, sorbets (Austria, China, Eastern countries, Europe, Ireland). Product information label on quick-frozen products and statistics: Germany.


  • Original title: Marché international des produits surgelés.
  • Record ID : 1996-0578
  • Languages: French
  • Subject: Figures, economy
  • Source: Bull. CFCE, MIPS - n. 6
  • Publication date: 1995/06
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