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  • Thailand receives technical assistance to switch ACs to R32

    Thailand recently announced a policy to complete conversion from R22 to R32 by 2017 while Indonesia has made a similar pledge.

    • Publication date : 2015/08/17
  • Thai frozen food industry

    In 1991, frozen food was firstly introduced to Thai consumers whereas they were well known for their taste sensation, reasonable price, safe and cleaning process in 1993.

    • Publication date : 2016/12/16
    • Subjects: Figures, economy
  • Higher AC setting temperatures to reduce thermal discomfort and energy demand in warm countries

    Using data from four cities in India, Philippines, and Thailand, a recent study found that occupants experience thermal discomfort from unnecessarily low air conditioning (AC) temperature settings. Warmer indoor...

    • Publication date : 2020/11/27
  • Extreme heat reduces productivity in global economies

    In a recent report, a non-profit organisation examined how global warming is affecting the economy and labour productivity in 12 major urban areas worldwide. 

    • Publication date : 2022/10/27
    • Subjects: Figures, economy
  • Measures towards energy-efficient air conditioning in Southeast Asian countries

    The IEA projects that electricity demand from air conditioning could reach 300 TWh by 2040 in the ASEAN region (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). Energy efficiency measures...

    • Publication date : 2022/05/30
    • Subjects: Regulation, Figures, economy
  • Supermarket news

    Tesco ( Thailand ) has almost completed a 5-year £18-million programme to replace all CFCs and HCFCs used in its stores and is replacing refrigerating equipment with highly energy-efficient systems. Energy consumption has dropped 30%, this being...

    • Publication date : 2005/06/14
  • Brief: JARN

    The 2004 edition of the JARN Directory is now available. It gives up-to-date information on over 400 Japanese manufacturers, traders, associations, overseas companies and industrial statistics such as worldwide sales. It contains information on 12...

    • Publication date : 2005/06/14
  • The air conditioning boom in Southeast Asia

    Electricity consumption needed for air conditioning in the ten ASEAN countries could quadruple between 2017 and 2040 to reach 300 TWh. But a saving of 110 TWh is possible by doubling during this period the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of...

    • Publication date : 2019/11/29
    • Subjects: Figures, economy
  • Trane announces contract with Carrefour for 38 stores in Asia

    On February 9, 2005, Trane, a global provider of indoor comfort systems and comprehensive facility solutions, won a competitive bid process with Carrefour, the world's second largest retailer, for 38 new stores in China, Indonesia, Thailand,...

    • Publication date : 2005/03/15
  • Briefs: Non-PVC Food Wrap

    Diamant Film, a Canadian company, is responding to banning of PVC stretch films used for foods and now has exclusive marketing and distribution rights for its non-PVC films in China, South Korea and Thailand. PVC films contain DEHA, a carcinogenic...

    • Publication date : 2006/07/26
  • HFC phase down talks at MOP-25 in Bangkok

    The phase down of HFC production and use was the focal point of discussions during the 25th Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol (MOP-25).

    • Publication date : 2013/10/25
    • Subjects: Regulation
  • Briefs: Illegal refrigerants

    Over 108 tonnes of illegal refrigerant have been seized by customs officers around the world in a special operation code-named Sky-hole Patching II. The joint operation by the World Customs Organization and the United Nations Environment Programme...

    • Publication date : 2011/02/07
  • Global 2020 air-conditioning market: figures and trends

    Beyond the sharp decline in the air conditioning market in 2020 linked to the health crisis, strong trends have emerged: development of health-related functionalities, search for better energy efficiency and...

    • Publication date : 2021/02/23
    • Subjects: Figures, economy
  • Global LNG market: review of 2021 and forecasts for 2022

    According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the global LNG market grew by 6% in 2021 in comparison with 2020. However, it is projected to slow down in early...

    • Publication date : 2022/03/25
    • Subjects: Figures, economy
  • Climate change: moving slowly but surely

    During the International meeting on the Montreal Protocol that took place in Geneva in June 2010 (see Newsletter No. 43, July 2010), proposals to phase down HFCs using the tools of the Montreal Protocol were discussed again. They were presented...

    • Publication date : 2011/02/07
  • Conference overview: Sustainable Management of Refrigeration Technologies in Marine and Off-Shore Fisheries Sectors

    In partnership with the UNEP, ASHRAE and UNIDO, the IIR organised a conference in Bangkok (Thailand) in April 2017 on the Sustainable Management of Refrigeration Technologies in the Marine Sector and Offshore Fisheries.

    • Publication date : 2017/05/31
  • Quick Frozen Foods Code

    The Recommended International Code of Practice for the Processing and Handling of Quick Frozen Foods of the Codex Alimentarius (Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme) is now available on the Codex Alimentarius Web site on the list of

    • Publication date : 2009/08/13
  • New IIR members

    The IIR welcomes the following new members: Corporate members - A2 Inc, New York, USA - Grasso Products BV, s'Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands - Hoshizaki Electric Co. Ltd, Toyoake, Aichi, Japan - Parasense Ltd, Gloucester, United Kingdom...

    • Publication date : 2006/11/15
  • New IIR members

    The IIR welcomes the following new members: Corporate members BASF AG, Ludwigshafen, Germany Prodal, Ciudad la Habana, Cuba Private members Mr Titus Bartholomeus, The Netherlands Mrs Susana Ferreira de Pablo, Spain Mr Stephen Gill,...

    • Publication date : 2007/05/04
  • Briefs: Codex Alimentarius: Quick Frozen Foods Code adopted

    Codex Alimentarius: Quick Frozen Foods Code adopted The recommended International Code of Practice for the Processing and Handling of Quick Frozen Foods (QFF) has just been adopted at Step 5 and then directly at step 8 (final adoption) at the 31st...

    • Publication date : 2008/08/12