Automobile air conditioning. Data and references.

La climatisation automobile. Données et références.

Author(s) : Ademe, BARBUSSE S.

Type of monograph: Book


Although more than 90% of the new vehicles are air conditioned today in the United States and in Japan, in France only 20% of cars were equipped in 1995 and the figure currently exceeds 60%. Automobile air-conditioning equipment, an energy consuming accessory and using a refrigerant with a high global warming potential, is spreading in the current automobile fleet. This book presents, from a series of measurements, the significant increase in fuel consumption and emissions of regulated pollutants, driven by automobile air conditioning. Extract from the table of contents: automobile air-conditioning market evolution (history; retrospective and prospects); impact on vehicle consumption; impact on pollutant emissions (case of petrol or diesel engines); measure and simulation of instantaneous consumption on a test bench; other evaluations of the consumption and emission effects of automobile air conditioning; refrigerant leaks, tightness, equivalent CO2 impact; limiting CO2 emissions due to automobile air conditioning: challenges for the European Union; other evaluations of the CO2 challenges due to automobile air conditioning: American and European studies. In the appendices: operation of automobile air conditioning; technical characteristics of the vehicles tested; consumption measures; emissions measures; cycles and test programmes; study on the effect of air conditioning; automobile compressor tightness tests; HFC-134a and alternative systems.


  • Original title: La climatisation automobile. Données et références.
  • Record ID : 2005-0507
  • Languages: French
  • Subject: Figures, economy, Regulation, Environment
  • Publication: Ademe (agence de l'environnement et de la maîtrise de l'energie), direction de l'air et des transports, département technologies des transports - France/France
  • Publication date: 2003/05
  • ISBN: 2868175937
  • Source: Source: ref. 4343; 160 p. (17 x 24); fig.; tabl.; ref.; EUR 23.
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