Food and the cold chain.

La chaîne du froid et l'aliment.

Author(s) : Académie nationale de médecine

Type of monograph: Other


This special issue, an extract from the "Bulletin de l'Académie nationale de médecine" (French National Academy of Medicine Bulletin), contains the proceedings of a symposium held on February 13, 2001. Extract from the table of contents: a history of refrigeration applied to food; technical problems related to the cold chain; microbial growth and refrigeration: case study on Listeria monocytogenes; cold chain: traceability; practical applications; analysis of factors influencing temperature in household refrigerators: temperature and food sensorial quality; information on the cold chain and food.


  • Original title: La chaîne du froid et l'aliment.
  • Record ID : 2002-2735
  • Languages: French
  • Subject: Figures, economy
  • Publication: Académie nationale de médecine - France/France
  • Publication date: 2001
  • Collection:
  • Source: Source: vol. 185; n. 2; 269-327 (66 p.) (16 x 24); fig.; tabl.; ref.
  • Document available for consultation in the library of the IIR headquarters only.


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