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Methods to assess chilling kinetics in industrial chillers.


The time-dependent temperature and water loss kinetics of carcasses are important for the determination of the necessary cooling time and the instant heat load to be removed from the carcasses. These factors are on its turn important for the determination of the investment costs of air chilling tunnels and the refrigeration capacity to install. Experimental methods are based on data obtained for constant chilling conditions while they are highly time-variable in practice. Analytical methods allow fast calculations on personal computers; since these models are based on simplified assumptions they require to fit factors related to product shape by comparison with experiments. Numerical methods are based on finite difference methods or finite element methods. These latter are better suited to complex shapes and will be available on the market in the near future. However, the programmes are restricted to a specific class of processes, determined by comparing experiments to calculations, and the users have to be carefully instructed.

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  • Original title: Methods to assess chilling kinetics in industrial chillers.
  • Record ID : 1997-2240
  • Languages: English
  • Source: New Developments in Meat Refrigeration.
  • Publication date: 1996/10
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