New refrigerant fluids: containment and regulations. Symposium V on the greenhouse effect.

Nouveaux fluides : confinement ; réglementation. Colloque effet de serre V.

Date: 1900.01.01


This document contains 15 papers presented in Paris, France, during the seminar. Extract from the table of contents: the stakes of regulations concerning refrigerants; the new decree on refrigerants; the practical changes it introduces; the European regulation on fluorinated greenhouse gases; stakes involved in regulations on refrigerated transport; RT 2005 concerning building air conditioning; incentives promoting reduced greenhouse-gas emissions; a new low-GWP refrigerant and its impact on automobile air-conditioning systems: HFC-free commercial refrigeration; low-energy-consumption buildings: Swiss and German examples; ensuring the initial tightness of automobile air-conditioning systems; containment of a large plant; implementation of a supermarket with indirect CO2 system for below-zero commercial temperatures; summary and perspectives.