Substitution and postponable technology of refrigerants.

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Author(s) : MA Y., WANG W.

Type of article: Article, Review


The substitution course of HCFC refrigerants has been determined. In this paper, various HFCs and natural refrigerants for substitution are summarized and their advantages and shortcomings are analysed. HCFCs charge decrease and postponable technology with new circulation systems by system optimization should be considered to be supplement for substitution technology, e.g., 50 and 30% decrease of charge with a dry-type evaporator and a falling film evaporator instead of a flooded evaporator, respectively. With the accelerated reduction of greenhouse gases, it is inevitable that HFCs will be phased out in the future. R134a has been limited by EU No.842-2006 Regulation. Regulations and standards play a decisive role in the refrigerant replacement. It is suggested that we should track the latest development of foreign laws and regulations actively in order to seize the initiative on the issue of refrigerant substitution.

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