Sustainable Food Cold Chains: Opportunities, Challenges and the Way Forward.

Author(s) : UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), FAO

Type of monograph: Report


This report highlights the complexity of food cold chain development globally and explores how it can evolve to become more sustainable. The report is structured as follows:
Chapter 2 provides an overview of the food loss challenge and summarizes the status, drivers and implications of food cold chains globally.
Chapter 3 describes sustainable food cold chains and their diverse benefits.
Chapter 4 identifies the key drivers and barriers in moving towards sustainable food cold chains. It showcases existing technologies, projects, finance and business models, and policies, both locally and internationally, and highlights the need for end-to-end, system-level approaches to achieve a sustainable food cold chain.
Chapter 5 provides recommendations for a comprehensive systems approach to accelerate action and to foster cooperation among the diverse actors to advance more sustainable food cold chains globally.

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Pages: 122 p.