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  • Briefs: Reducing the TEWI by reducing channel size

    The TEWI (Total Equivalent Warming Impact) makes it possible to measure the total impact of a system on global warming. The direct effect is produced by refrigerant loss. The indirect effect is produced by the CO2 released when producing the...

    • Publication date : 2007/02/12
  • HFOs chosen for the renovation of the Channel Tunnel refrigeration system.

    The ban of the servicing of R22 equipment led tunnel operators Eurotunnel to consider refrigerants compliant with European HFC phase-down agreements.

    • Publication date : 2017/02/14
    • Subjects: HFCs alternatives
  • Channel Tunnel's new refrigeration system achieves energy savings of over 30%

    R1233zd(E) proves its efficiency in Europe's largest cooling system.

    • Publication date : 2018/08/08
  • IJR highlights: latest R&D results regarding household refrigerators

    Vacuum insulation panels, mini-channel condensers and PCMs: 3 areas of research and development to reduce the energy consumption ofhousehold refrigerators.

    • Publication date : 2019/01/31
  • Modern cryosurgical techniques and devices

    Since the 80’s, device miniaturization makes it possible to introduce endoscopic cryoprobes through natural channels (bronchia, urethra…) without requiring traditional surgery.

    • Publication date : 2014/03/11
  • The French frozen food market

    Total consumption (including foodservice as well as retail channels) amounted to an estimated EUR 9.1bn in 2013, of which the retail sector was worth approximately 60%.

    • Publication date : 2015/01/15
  • Use of all-aluminum coils increasing

    All-aluminum heat exchanger coils called microchannel coils have been used in the automotive industry for over 20 years, but the technology – which uses an all-aluminium brazed fin construction – has been applied to the HVAC&R industry only...

    • Publication date : 2014/10/08
  • Micro-Innovation

    Mechanical engineers at Purdue University have created a miniature device that aims to replace conventional evaporators. Cited as a "long-term solution" in technological advances, the use of existing technical know-how for the refrigeration loop...

    • Publication date : 2005/07/19
  • Briefs: AHR Exposition Award

    This year the winner of AHR Exposition Award was Delphi Corp.'s innovative micro channel evaporator, capable of performing both cooling and heating functions for residential or commercial settings. It is highly efficient as it uses a compact...

    • Publication date : 2010/03/07
  • Climate control in the Gibraltar tunnel project

    A project for a tunnel linking Punta Paloma in Spain and Malabata Point in Morocco and currently in preparatory phase raises some interesting and crucial climate control issues. Governments of both nations appointed the Swiss engineer Giovanni...

    • Publication date : 2008/05/13
  • Air paths inside fruit

    Microscopically small structures inside pears and apples allow them to "breathe". Researchers at the Catholic University of Leuven and the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) have visualized these pathways for the first time, therefore...

    • Publication date : 2008/10/25
  • The heart inspires a new cooling system

    In August 2004, at the Micro Nano Breakthrough Conference in Portland, engineers from Oregon State University in the US, presented a new successful desorption system using branching microchannels. The system was inspired by the human blood pumping...

    • Publication date : 2004/09/14
  • AC Market Review: China

    Following a recent analysis entitled the "White Paper" released by the State Information centre of China (SIC) during a recent conference in Beijing, figures show a sharp drop in the domestic sales growth rate (-7.98%) and a less pronounced...

    • Publication date : 2006/01/24
  • Briefs: First Spain-UK refrigerated railway line

    Stobart Rail, a branch of leading UK transport Stobart Group and British DB Schenker Rail recently launched temperature-controlled intermodal services from Valencia to the UK via the Channel Tunnel. This is a unique example of a single rail...

    • Publication date : 2010/03/07
  • News about IIR Member: Cemagref

    Researchers from Cemagref, corporate member of the IIR, in conjunction with the GREThE in Grenoble, and financed by the Agency for the environment and energy management (ADEME), have developed a prototype refrigerating system that allows the...

    • Publication date : 2006/05/05
  • Additive manufacturing of regenerators for caloric cooling

    In many areas of engineering, additive manufacturing allows the production of complex and multifunctional products that could not be manufactured using traditional methods. In the...

    • Last update : 2022/09/16
    • Langues : French, English
    • Themes : Caloric cooling (magnetocaloric, electrocaloric, elastocaloric and barocaloric cooling)
  • Additive manufacturing of heat exchangers

    In the refrigeration industry, additive manufacturing (colloquially referred to as “3D printing”) makes it possible to fabricate novel, complex and potentially more energy efficient...

    • Last update : 2022/09/07
    • Langues : French, English
    • Themes : Evaporators, condensers and other heat exchangers
  • Hydrocarbon refrigerants

    Hydrocarbons such as R290 (propane), R600a (isobutane) or R1270 (propene/propylene) are low GWP non-toxic natural refrigerants with excellent thermodynamic properties. They offer an...

    • Last update : 2022/06/22
    • Langues : French, English
    • Themes : Hydrocarbons, Containment, refrigerant charge reduction