CFC phaseout management in all sizes.

Author(s) : DOPPEL P. L.

Type of article: Article


A major US manufacturer of hermetic compressors has taken two positive steps in design and manufacture. The first was to introduce a complete line of R22 units as an interim measure when R12 neared phase-out. The second is to concentrate on R134a. Here the need for clear labelling is imperative, covering both the design refrigerant and the polyester oil which is the only suitable lubricant. The company is considering further substitute refrigerants, mainly blends, but complains that so many are being marketted that deciding on future requirements is difficult. The same company reports the lack of knowledge among plant owners and even refrigeration unit wholesalers concerning suitable substitute refrigerants and sensible management of change. The number and types of small refrigeration applications are considerable. Management options are suggested. D.W.H.


  • Original title: CFC phaseout management in all sizes.
  • Record ID : 1994-2132
  • Languages: English
  • Source: Air Cond. Heat. Refrig. News - vol. 189 - n. 12
  • Publication date: 1993/07/19
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