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  • New IIR Informatory Note on Liquefied Natural Gas

    The latest IIR Informatory Note stresses that LNG is expected to play a major role in global energy strategies as it has many advantages and helps mitigate global warming when used instead of coal and...

    • Publication date : 2023/06/28
  • The year 2016: a new year full of opportunity

    The year 2016 will be particularly important due to increasing international discussions on the production and consumption of hydrofluorocarbons with high global warming potential.

    • Publication date : 2016/01/06
  • IIR member news: Johnson Controls YORK chiller optimised for R1233zd(E)

    The YORK YZ magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller, produced by Johnson Controls, is said to be the first chiller fully optimized for ultimate performance with the low-global warming potential refrigerant R1233zd(E).

    • Publication date : 2019/01/31
  • New in the Encyclopedia: Updated GWP values for HFCs

    Find all the GWP values over 100 years and 20 years for hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants.

    • Publication date : 2023/09/22
    • Subjects: Environment
  • Statement given by Didier Coulomb, Director General of the IIR, during COP 21

    Statement given by Didier Coulomb, Director General of the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) during the 21st United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21) in Paris (November...

    • Publication date : 2020/03/29
    • Subjects: Regulation, Environment
  • Focus by Didier Coulomb

    As we announced in the latest issue of the Newsletter, this special issue on the environment was prepared jointly with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). 2007 is a very important year for the future of the global environment and the...

    • Publication date : 2007/08/05
  • The IIR at COP-11/MOP-1 in Montreal

    The IIR, as an intergovernmental organization, participated in this "historic" event which gathered 10 000 people for the largest United Nations Framework Conference on Climate Change (UNFCCC) ever held. The conference held...

    • Publication date : 2006/01/28
  • International events: Brussels

    The IIR co-sponsored conference, Atmosphere 2009 took place in Brussels, Belgium, on October 19-20, 2009. It focused on general policy on replacing high global warming refrigerants (HCFCs, HFCs) by natural refrigerants (political, financial,...

    • Publication date : 2010/03/07
  • International events: Belgrade

    The IIR co-sponsored 40th International Conference on Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration took place in Belgrade, Serbia, on December 2-4, 2009. With 750 participants from 20 countries, 63 papers and 132 exhibitors, the event was highly...

    • Publication date : 2010/03/07
  • International activities

    The IIR must play a visible role at various international events. As an intergovernmental organization, the IIR will participate in the coming major international events organized by the United Nations: - the 18th Meeting of the Parties (MOP-18)...

    • Publication date : 2006/11/15
  • International activities

    The IIR must play a visible role in the different international events: The IIR, as an intergovernmental organization, will participate in the next 2 main international events organized by the United Nations: - the 17th Meeting of the Parties...

    • Publication date : 2005/10/26
  • IIR publications

    The IIR is preparing 4 new publications that will be available by the end of 2007: - a booklet entitled Refrigeration Drives Sustainable Development which is an update of the 2002 report Refrigeration Sector Achievements and Challenges prepared...

    • Publication date : 2007/08/05
  • The IIR at COP13/CMP3 in Bali

    During the United Nations Conference on Climate Change which was held in Bali, Indonesia on December 3-14, 2007, delegates have agreed on both the agenda for the negotiations and a 2009 deadline for completing them. However, the text does not...

    • Publication date : 2007/12/27
  • Participation of the IIR at COP-10

    On December 6-18, 2004, over 6100 participants from 169 countries attended the 10th Conference of the Parties (COP-10) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)  held at the Rural Exhibition Center in Buenos Aires ,...

    • Publication date : 2005/02/11
  • IIR Research Priorities

    The IIR decided, within the framework of its Strategic Plan, to draw up a list of research priorities for the future. It hopes that these priorities will be a valuable guiding force for decision-makers in the public and private research sectors,...

    • Publication date : 2005/07/19